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Pilot Project

2024 Pilot Project Awards


The University of Washington Nathan Shock Center and Healthy Aging and Longevity Research Institute are soliciting applications to support pilot projects in the biology of aging. The projects should utilize the specific services provided by one or more of the UW Nathan Shock Center Cores. The cores include Protein Phenotypes of Aging, Metabolite Phenotypes of Aging, Invertebrate Longevity and Healthspan Core, and the Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics Core. The awards are generally up to $10,000, depending on the specific needs of the applicant. Applications from institutions outside of the University of Washington are strongly encouraged. Preference will be given to junior faculty and investigators new to aging research.

We are currently accepting applications for the June 2024 to May 2025 award period.

Application Requirements

• Page 1 – Title page with PI and institution contact information
• Page 2 – Hypothesis and specific aims of the project
• Page 3 – The specific UW Nathan Shock resources that are requested, the number of samples that will be analyzed and an approximate timeframe for completion of the studies. Please contact core leaders before submission of the application to discuss project details.
• Page 4: A one (1) paragraph statement on how this research will impact your future directions in aging research and timeframe for the submission of manuscripts and/or grant applications
• Page 5-9 – Current NIH Biosketch including other support.

Submission and deadline

Submit your formal application as a single PDF file to: uwhalo@uw.edu

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Core Leader prior to submitting an application. 

Applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis