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Aakanksha Singhvi

Aakanksha Singhvi


Assistant Professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Dept. Biological Structure, UW School of Medicine

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Dr. Singhvi’s lab investigates the role of glia in neural function, aging and disease.

Our nervous system has two major cell types, glia and neurons, in about equal numbers. Glia communicate with neurons to modulate neuron shape and function, and thereby neural circuit activity and animal behaviors. To define the molecular basis of neural aging, therefore, we also need to understand the logic and fidelity of glia-neuron interactions. Indeed, disrupted coupling between glia and neurons is implicated in neurological impairments (sensory or cognitive impairments) as well as age-related diseases (neurodegeneration). The Singhvi lab aims to comprehensively map glia-neuron interactions at single-cell and molecular resolution through animal age. Current projects include studies on glial roles in sensorineural aging and memory, neurodegeneration and animal behavior.

Aakanksha joined the Fred Hutch faculty as Assistant Professor in 2018. She is a recipient of a SFARI Bridge to Independence Award and a Glenn Foundation-American Federation for Aging Research Award for Junior Faculty.