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David Baker

David Baker


Professor of Biochemistry
Adjunct Professor of Genome Sciences
Director, Institute for Protein Design

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Innovation in protein design to target aging and age-related disease

Dr. Baker has pioneered methods to predict and design the three-dimensional structures of proteins. He is the Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Endowed Professor in Biochemistry and an adjunct professor of Genome Sciences, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. He serves as the Director of the Rosetta Commons, a consortium of labs and researchers that develop biomolecular structure prediction and design software. He is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He is also the director of the University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design.  Dr. Baker’s interest in the biology of aging centers around understanding how proteins misfold during aging to lead to loss of proteostasis (one of the hallmarks of aging) and neurodegenerative diseases of aging.