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Devin Schweppe

Devin Schweppe


Assistant Professor

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Dr. Schweppe’s research interests focus on the implementation of millisecond informatics to enable intelligent data acquisition strategies. His research group applies these technologies to quantify proteins as a readout for diverse cell states with broad interests spanning microbial protein interactions, small-molecule binding events, pre-clinical proteomics, and profiling primary tissue samples. Dr. Schweppe’s research group builds on the application of sample multiplexing and real-time search to achieve high efficiency instrument acquisition for both discovery and targeted proteomics platforms. Along with the methods and technology development focus, the group has worked to build applications and resources to disseminate large-scale proteomics datasets to the research community, these efforts include work the crosslinking mass spectrometry repository XLinkDB, the cysteine oxidation explorer for OxiMouse, and the BioPlex human interactome explorer.