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Kathryn Jewett

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Dr. Kathryn A. Jewett, Ph.D. received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Neuroscience from Washington State University. Her graduate work with Dr. James M. Krueger involved looking at the effects of electrical and chemical stimulation on cultured neural networks, correlating features between whole animal brain sleep/wake states and dissociated in vitro neural networks.

After graduation she held a postdoctoral position at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Dr. Nien-Pei Tsai where she studied abnormal activity-dependent regulation of neural synapses related to fragile X syndrome and epilepsy, focusing on alterations in biochemical pathways and neural network activity.

Dr. Jewett was a post-doctoral fellow on the Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant working in the laboratory of Dr. Leo J. Pallanck to investigate changes in cellular and molecular mechanisms in the presence of glucocerebrosidase gene (GBA1) mutations. GBA1 mutations lead to Gaucher’s Disease and are the most common genetic risk factor for Parkinson’s Disease.