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Patricia Kramer



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Prof. Patricia Kramer is an evolutionary biomechanist whose research interest spans millions of years from the origins of bipedalism to the locomotion patterns of modern humans. She has investigated recovery of function after lower limb injury, assessed osteoarthritis development in aging humans and nonhuman primates, examined the energetics of walking on slopes with burdens, and reconstructed the Neandertal thorax. Her research collaborations have been funded by NIH NIA, NSF, and DoD. Currently, Patricia is developing musculoskeletal models of modern humans and extinct hominins to elucidate the evolution of biomechanical form and function, while her graduate students are engaged in such endeavors as understanding Neandertal biomechanics, human pelvic development, and the impact of reproduction and aging on osteoporosis.  Patricia earned a BS in Civil Engineering with honors from the University of Texas Austin and a PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University of Washington. After completing post-doctoral work in UW’s School of Medicine, she joined the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences in 2001.  She served as Chair of the Faculty Council on Academic Standards (2013-2016) and the Chair of the Department of Anthropology (2016-2021). A proud first-generation scientist, Patricia remains committed to advancing inclusion and justice in research.