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Shabnam Salimi

Shabnam Salimi


Acting Instructor



Shabnam Salimi is a multidisciplinary scientist studying the mechanism of health span and lifespan. She uses clinical and laboratory tools to define health and multimorbidity as the rate of aging and functional decline and response to stress. Her works evolved around determining clinically and biologically meaningful algorithms that measure the rate of aging, “omics” that track healthspan and lifespan, and how they respond to antiaging modalities and interventions. She has developed BodyClock and Health OctaTool in human and animal models, and PathoClock and PathoAge, PhysiocClock, and PhysiocAge using pathology and physiology measures in mice models. Her K01 award training was based on genomics in the field of “Geroscience” and aging hallmarks to understand the role of biological aging in chronic diseases in human and animal models at the individual level using personalized medicine approaches and to ultimately apply personalized prevention and treatment at individual and public health levels. She joined the University of Washington to continue her goals of understanding mechanistic roles in heterogeneous aging patterns in body and brain systems.