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Daniel Promislow

Daniel Promislow


Professor of Lab Medicine and Pathology
Professor of Biology

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Dr. Promislow studies natural genetic variation in aging and reproduction. His research is focused on aging in several systems – the fruit fly, companion dogs, and humans. He uses a diversity of approaches in his lab, including molecular and quantitative genetics, evolutionary theory, and systems biology to construct and analyze genetic and metabolomic networks. Among the current projects in the lab are 1) the use of metabolomic profiling to identify novel aging-associated pathways; 2) identification of natural genetic modifiers of neurodegenerative disease in Drosophila; and 3) combining epidemiology, demography and systems biology to study aging in companion dogs. As Co-Director of the Dog Aging Project, he is leading efforts for the first large-scale study of aging in tens of thousands of companion dogs throughout the United States. Dr. Promislow serves on the Executive Committee of the UW Nathan Shock Center and is PI for the Shock Center Metabolomics Core.  Dr. Promislow also serves as the Co-Director of theM3D graduate program.