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David Marcinek

David Marcinek


Professor of Radiology
Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering
Adjunct Professor of Lab Medicine and Pathology

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Dr. Marcinek joined the UW faculty in 2006. He has over 15 years of experience developing and applying innovative tools to study mitochondrial biology in chronic disease and aging. A main focus of his laboratory is to understand how age-related changes in mitochondrial function at the biochemical and organelle levels translate to changes in in vivo function and performance. The integration from organelle to in vivo is facilitated using in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy tools developed in Dr. Marcinek’s laboratory. In addition, he has a broad background and over a decade of experience in biochemical analyses of metabolism in skeletal muscle. He has recently identified novel interactions between oxidative stress and dynamic control of mitochondrial metabolism in vivo. He is currently collaborating with several research groups to study the role of mitochondrial energetics in skeletal muscle dysfunction in aging, muscular dystrophy, and neurodegenerative disease. This integrative and interdisciplinary approach creates and dynamic environment for training in the complex physiology of aging. Dr. Marcinek’s innovative work on the role of mitochondria in aging has been recognized by a New Scholar Award in Aging from the Ellison Medical Foundation, a Breakthroughs in Gerontology Award from the Glenn Foundation and the American Federation for Aging Research, and a Glenn Award for Research in the Biological Mechanisms of Aging.