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Rachel Klevit

Rachel Klevit


Edmond H. Fischer/WRF Endowed Chair in Biochemistry
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology

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Understanding of molecular recognition, and interactions that play important roles in aging and disease 

Dr. Klevit is the Edmond H. Fischer/WRF Endowed Chair in Biochemistry, an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology, and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry. Current research in Dr. Klevit’s laboratory is directed towards an understanding of fundamental molecular recognition events involved in the process of protein ubiquitylation and protein chaperones. A variety of structural, biochemical, molecular biological, and biophysical techniques are used in the Klevit laboratory, with a major emphasis on high resolution NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Ongoing projects in the group include understanding the structure and function of heat shock proteins and their molecular interactions that are relevant for maintenance of proteostasis during aging.